Saudi DMAT International Disaster Medicine Program in Haj


The knowledge transfer and experience exchange has been one of the major drivers of the SDMAT activities through the previous year. That was in alignment with the ambitious 2030 vision supporting the strategic objective of globalization of best practices in disaster medicine within haj.

SAID “Saudi DMAT International Disaster Medicine Program in Haj” was established in 2019 (1440Hijri) Haj season tto foster knowledge exchange in this field.

The Saudi DMAT believes in the uniqueness of the disaster medicine haj experience, and as part of its values which are supported by the general directorate of emergencies, disasters and ambulance services , the program was developed to promote different aspects such as disaster and crisis resilience.


Spreading the knowledge and experience in disaster medicine in haj with the experts and stakeholders around the world from the Islamic community.


A well-recognized Haj disaster medicine experience in Islamic world.

Scope of the program

To feature the following in the context of Haj:

  • Emergency preparedness
  • Risk assessment
  • Field medicine & prehospital care in disaster
  • Emergency response. * Hospital and pre hospital emergency preparedness


  • To establish an excellence platform for knowledge and  Experience exchange in all subjects related to disaster medicine,
  • Foster innovation, insights, research and collaboration in this field
  • Experience exchange in all subjects related to disaster medicine

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