Dr.Hisham Hassan Muzzamil Ali Dinar

“It’s never too late to start building our capacity in this track, there is a difference between who is planning something and who decides to do it , So let’s start now , truly now”

From the Emergency Planning Framework Workshop

Dr. Hisham Ali Dinar is a Physician and Disaster and crisis manager. He is currently the technical affairs manager of the general directorate of emergencies disasters and ambulance Services-Ministry of health –Saudi Arabia. He previously was the surveillance manager and Head assistant of the national situation room in the national command and control center. He contributed to several transformational projects in the field of emergency and disaster management such as: The emergency planning framework, Health emergencies preparedness and response framework , Health national emergency operations centres, National incident management system, Saudi International emergency medical teams (SI-EMT), Emergency Medical Services Future Model in Saudi Arabia and The national health emergency operations centre KPIs. He was the moderator of the Emergency medicine conference in Saudi Health 2016. He also authored many operational guidelines and texts like Establishing new Data collection channels: Jeddah CCC Pilot, The medical supplies management protocols, The emergency planning framework, Emergency operations centers infrastructure manual, and others..

Dr Hisham Hassan Muzzamil Ali Dinar
Technical Affairs Manager
General directorate of Emergencies, disasters and ambulance services
Ministry of Health-Saudi Arabia