Dr.Jalal Alowais

 “Preserving lives while their owners can’t. We don’t have to start our journey with the highest potential, we can make our way through the basics until the luxury tools arrives”

Dr. Alowais is a trauma surgeon and assistant professor. He is currently the Supervisor General of the general directorate of emergencies, disasters and ambulance services. He earned his undergraduate from King Saud University, his master degree in Health Leadership (IMHL) From McGill University, College of Management, Montreal, Canada.

his fellowship in trauma surgery from McGill University, Montreal General Hospital, Montreal, Canada. With training in optimizing trauma centers. He Participating in ALHAZM STORM, working in Jizan, Najran, and Asir as a trauma surgeon, organizing border hospitals, training programs and managing multiple causality incidence. He is delegated member of several committees including: Organization Of Prohibiting Biological Weapon, MOH representative in the GCC emergency committee, MOH representative in the committee of marine disaster response and the  head of the scientific committee for strategic national stockpiling of medicine and antidote. He authored many publications in the field of trauma surgery and spoken in different conferences and events.

Linked to the ambitious 2030 vision objectives, he was leading the emergency and disaster management improvement team in hajj over the last 4 years, besides his persona ambition toward preventing unnecessary death from trauma, he strongly supports the concept of All hazards approach Emergency preparedness and response that is the theme of this event.

Dr. Jalal Mohammed Alowais
Assistant Professor of Trauma Surgery
Supervisor General of the general directorate of emergencies, disasters and ambulance services
Ministry of Health – Saudi Arabia